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The Temple of
Bids You Farewell

By the merit of this meditation,
may I become like Kwan Yin
and bring all beings to the same
enlightened state..

Sarva Mangalam!


This section is under construction,
but here is a little collection of links for starters:

Kwan Yin

Kwan Yin Pagoda

A beautiful site in Spanish

The Lotus Sutra

A legend of Kwan Yin

Check out our Gallery


The Palyul Foundation of Canada is an excellent resource
providing tons of Buddhist links.


the International Buddhist Women's Association.

Buddhist Women's links page


Recent jotted-down links:

Cool Picture of a Lotus

Cool Picture of Sarasvati

Mani animated gif

The Lotus Sutra and Gwan Yin

Send a Kwan Yin postcard!

About the Gender Ambiguity of Kwan Yin

Be kind to yourself!
The Truth.Com

Images, Images, Images

Another Lotus

Bouddha Thangka

Tibetan Pillar Banner

Buddha Statue

Femme en dévotions

Tara Statue

Tara Thangkas


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Last Updated May 2001